Israeling with passion and enthusiasm, I will introduce you to an ancient country of variegated cultures, satisfying any your curiosity.
Of course you can walk by yourself around the old city of Jerusalem, if you’re ready to get lost in the Suk before you reach the Holy Sepulcher, and also to the Galilee, sooner or later you’ll arrive with the GPS. But if you decide to optimize your time in Israel, I’ll be happy to be your Authorized Tour Guide.
Together, we will plan your adventure through the nature, flavors, history and religions of my land.


Jesus mosaic on ceiling in Nazareth church
jewish man in western wall
muslams praying
baptising in Jordan river

Saying that everything began here is not conceited neither arrogant. In Jerusalem we will visit the cradle of the three monotheistic religions trying to understand its importance for everyone: God, Jehova, Allah…. Same entity, with different name, traditions and belief.

Up in the north instead, in the Galilee, we will learn about other minorities like the Baha’is and the Druze. What about having an introducing to the Judaism mysticism more known as KABBALAH?


It is known that archeology is the aristocracy of history and ….. so, if the stones could talk, what things would they tell us !!!
With the bible in our hands let’s locate and decipher some facts, others we’ll expose through history books, and others will still remain a mystery.
Aren’t you excited to touch with your hands the civilization and culture from the past ???


Knights halls in Akko
Boat in Jaffa port

Because Israel is a corridor between Africa, Asia and Europe, everybody passed through leaving their fingerprints: the caveman, Bible heroes, Romans, crusaders, ottomans, British.
Those are only a few of the many people who came and wan and destroyed and then build and finally were defeated and expelled by their successors who destroyed again and rebuilt….
Consequently, all over this land there are remains of layers of settlements, one above the other, a unique Israeli phenomenon.

Are you confused? Don’t worry; together we’ll investigate what we are interested on from this big mass.

Ancient Flavors

The Bad News:
There is no “Israeli Cuisine”

The Good News:
The Jews came from all over the world and brought with
them a huge variety of dishes that was mixed with local
Mediterranean flavor. Ready to taste?

Wine Not?!

The modern Wineries in the Golan Heights were established less than 40 years ago, but already wan many international prizes.
Surprised? Don’t be. Hundreds of ancient wine presses found in the area, tells us that the wine culture was popular already 1600 years ago.


The fascinating desert could be crossed on a camel’s back-ride, driving a Buggy or even by walking until
you reach an Oasis with so much fresh water where you can refresh yourself.
Want an alternative? I’ll offer more than one:
Snorkeling in the Red Sea to admire the coral reef. A nice hot-air balloon flight at dawn. Maybe some
rafting in the Jordan River, and a lot more…
All you need is just to choose.


Israel is the intersection of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, and yet on the Mediterranean, has
allowed vegetation to become multi-assorted. And for the same reason, it became a natural passage for
food-seeking animals, not just terrestrial ones, but also for birds who migrating from one continent to
another, stops here for a few weeks giving us a wonderful show of colors and tweets.

Then there is always the Dead Sea, that you can’t go lower than that, and make us floats higher than any
other place. How and why? Come on, you don’t want the explanation right here…

Who am I?

My name is Leila, Brazilian by birth, Italian by adoption, Israeli by choice but also by origin.
Israel, the place I have lived during my teenage years in a Kibbutz, where I remained till I have finished my military service.
Israel, the land I was always happy to come visiting during the 26 years I lived between Brazil, USA and Italy, most of them accompanying friends who wanted to know this place.
I have to admit, at that time, for some of their questions my answer was: “I have no idea! ” This turns my curiosity up, and the desire to know every facet and nuance of Israel makes me become an Authorized Tour Guide of the Ministry of Tourism.
I love my job. It feels more like a day with friends. Every day is different, rewarding and challenging. That’s why I smile.

Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan

    Tel: +972-52-6746351

    Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan

      Tel: +972-52-6746351